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Do you still have to put on contacts while staying home so that you can workout without glasses? Or are you wearing your glasses for a whole day of work at home, leaving marks on your nose bridge?

If you’re considering LASIK as an option to get rid of contacts or glasses, why not speak to our friendly team to find out more on the various laser vision correction options so that you can make an informed choice.

Get your questions regarding laser vision correction answered, speak to us now on WhatsApp at 9843 1000 or call us at 6836 1000.

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    If you are interested in refractive surgery but are unsure of what to expect or what procedure is suitable for you, join us at our LASIK forums where our doctors share the benefits and risks of the various laser vision correction techniques. Experience the freedom of clearer vision again.


    • What can Refractive Laser Surgery do for you?
    • Types of Refractive Laser Surgery
        • LASIK
        • Epi-LASIK & LASEK (Advanced Surface Ablation)
        • ZEISS SMILE®
        • PRESBYOND (For Presbyopia / Lao Hua)
    • Which is suitable for you?
    • How should you choose?
    • Q&A Session
    Dr Marc Tay


    Senior Consultant

    Dr Marc Tay has been practising ophthalmology for 25 years and has been doing laser refractive surgery for the past 20 years. With a special interest in laser vision correction, Dr Marc Tay founded the Laser Vision Centre at Singapore National Eye Centre when the technology was first introduced in Singapore.

    Dr Marc Tay specialises in all types of Laser Refractive Surgery including ZEISS SMILE® and  monovision LASIK for the correction of presbyopia. He is also highly experienced in cataract surgery and the management of other eye conditions like dry eyes, eye infections, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and age-related macular degeneration.


    23 May, Saturday


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