Children Eye Screening

Our clinic also offers eye screening services for children.

When to bring your child for eye screening?

  • Usually when your child is 5 years old or in some cases, even younger, especially if you suspect that your child has some vision issues. Early intervention and treatment may help to delay the progression of the condition.
  • Common signs and symptoms observed when a child has vision issues:
    • Constantly rubbing his/her eyes
    • Squinting his/her eyes when watching television
    • Tilting his/her head when writing
    • Blinking his/her eyes excessively
  • If your child is wearing glasses, it is advisable to go for a regular eye screening every 6 months.
  • If your child is not wearing glasses, a regular eye screening is recommended once a year.
Children Eye Screening

What can the eye screening detect?

  • Myopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Hyperopia
  • Lazy Eye
  • Colour Vision Deficiency
  • Squints

The eye screening includes:

  • Unaided and Aided Visual Acuity
  • Manifest Refraction
  • Intraocular Pressure
  • Colour Vision Checks
  • Stereopsis / Binocular Vision Check
  • Ocular Health Status

How long will the eye screening take?

2 to 3 hours since dilation of the pupils are required. Stronger dilation eye drops are used for children as they have stronger eye muscles compared to adults.

Things to note
  • As your child’s pupils will be dilated, his/her near vision might be blurry for a couple of days.