Eye Surgery & Screenings Fees

Laser Vision Correction Fees
(Exclusive of GST)
(Inclusive of GST)

Eye Assessment

For surgery done within 8 weeks from the assessment date, the assessment fee will be included in the surgery price*

*Not applicable with any other promotions or preferential rates.
For patients aged 18 and above (includes doctor's consult)
$200 $218
Bladeless LASIK Standard $3,220* $3,510*
Customised/Topography LASIK $3,760* $4,098*
PRESBYOND $3,760* $4,098*
Advanced Surface Ablation (PRK / LASEK / EPI-LASIK) from $3,500* from $3,815*
ZEISS SMILE® Pro $5,188* $5,655*
LASIK Xtra® (2 eyes) $1,200 $1,308

* Treatment includes surgery for two eyes.

Treatment excludes post-op reviews for LASIK/ZEISS SMILE® Pro/Advanced Surface Ablation. Each review is chargeable at $119 (w/GST).

Medication of $98 (w/GST – ZEISS SMILE® Pro/LASIK)
Medication of $196 (w/GST – Surface ablation/LASEK/PRK)

Add-Ons Fees
(Exclusive of GST)
(Inclusive of GST)
Post Surgery Reviews (includes basic test and consultation) from $110 from $119.90
Enhancement (within 24 months from Surgery date)
Price is per session (either 1 or both eyes), includes 1 post-op review, eye test / scans and 1st set of Medication (excludes sleeping pills)
$500 $545
Eye Screening Fees
(Excluding GST)
(Inclusive of GST)
First consultation $150 $163.50
Follow up $110 - $150 $119 - $163.50
Long consultation $250 $272.50
Eye test only (Per visit) $50 $54.50
Medical report from $100 from $109

Charges may apply if additional tests are required.

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Laser vision correction is not medisave nor insurance claimable.

However, cataract surgery and most other eye procedures are Medisave claimable. Our clinic is able to assist with your claim.
Most private insurance providers also cover cataract surgery claims.

lasik eye surgery cost with Medisave


We are on the specialist panels of various Insurance Plans: