Could that be Love you’re seeing?

Could that be Love you’re seeing?

Could that be Love you’re seeing?

They say love makes you do bizarre things. It also changes the way we behave when we are interested in someone.

No matter how we try to play it cool, our body language is usually an accurate representation of our emotions. The next time you’re looking out for signs to find out if someone is attracted to you, remember to keep your eyes on their body language! When a person is connected to another, they subconsciously behave like them – using the same jargon, sitting in the same position like a mirror image.

Apart from body language, physical changes such as dilated pupils and mannerisms are other signs to show if someone is attracted towards you. Here are 3 common signs to look out for:

1. Dilated Pupils

Dilated Pupil

One way to spot if a person is attracted to you is to casually notice if the other person’s pupils are dilated. Research done by the University of Kent1 found out that when people are looking at something or someone appealing, their pupils dilate.

Why does that happen? Enlarged pupils are a result of the pupil’s emotional and cognitive response when we are fully engaged or when we see something or someone that interests us.

2. Synchronised Blinking

Synchronised Blinking

When people are attracted to one another, they tend to subconsciously match the frequency of their blinking to sync with the other person, making it feel like they are seeing more of each other. Slow blinking however, does not represent disinterest. Similar to the explanation above on dilated pupils – when we are engrossed, we blink lesser, afraid of missing a second of what’s before us.

3. Tone of Voice

Tone of Voice

We are aware that whenever we speak to a little child, our voice differs as compared to how we sound when we interact with our peers. A study2 also shows that our voice – the tone, intensity and pitch – also varies when we speak to individuals whom we find attractive. It found that men speak in a rising and falling variable tone when interacting with attractive women. Vocal changes happen in both men and women because we subconsciously want to draw the attention and attract the other party.

These subtle signs can reflect that someone is interested in getting to know you better. Being clear-eyed plays an important role in picking out these signs and having to make a good impression. While body language is a big giveaway, it is important not to jump into conclusions based on the individual’s behaviour as everyone is different and one way may not fit all.

Let Your Eyes Do the Talking This Valentine’s

As you can see, your eyes often give away subtle cues about your emotions, whether you do it deliberately or subconsciously. Why hide them behind glasses then?

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SMILE Visual Recovery Process

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